As students we understand you have a passion for travel and discovering amazing new locations and cultures, and ESN UK is committed to assisting you in pursuing this desire!

On the national level, ESN UK will organise large-scale trips each year, which focus on bringing together large groups of students in an iconic location in the United Kingdom and highlighting the vibrant culture whilst having a fantastic time. These national trips are an amazing way to meet like-minded individuals and enjoy a hassle-free trip to a new place. We always provide a range of transport from cities and towns across the country, converging on our chosen location where you will be treated to great accommodation and a fantastic selection of activities and socials to create an unforgettable weekend.

Each year our first semester trip heads to the Scottish capital, Edinburgh. This historic city with a storied past and a vibrant, exciting culture is the perfect place to start your UK travels! During the #ESNburgh trip, you will be exposed to different aspects of Scottish culture and earn your “Erasmus passport” to Scotland.

In the second semester, ESN UK will organise a second trip to a different area of the UK - there are plenty of fantastic destinations to choose from, and we will ensure that you are presented with another fantastic insight into British culture! 

On top of our national trips within the UK, ESN UK will occasionally collaborate with our colleagues across the continent and beyond to provide access to trips and experiences in other countries to further enhance your international experience within the UK.

And finally, our local sections will organise their own excursions and trips so be sure to check out the social media feed of your nearest section to see what they have to offer!