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ESNcard (Facebook) is the membership card of ESN, sold by the local sections to their members. ESNcard holders have access to a range of discounts and offers in their city, as well as those across Europe and online. See our Partners page or ESNcard.org for details of the most recent offers in the UK.

For students: ESNcards are sold by our sections; please contact your local section for details of how to buy one. Each ESNcard lasts for 12 months and is only valid with a photograph. All fields on the card must be correctly filled in. Don't forget to register your card to gain access to the full range of offers!

For partners: The ESNcard offers students a range of discounts and offers all over Europe. If you would like to promote your brand and extend a discount to our students, please get in touch with partnerships@esnuk.org for national discounts or the local section for local discounts.