ESN UofG is the 'Section of the Month' for December!

On December 3rd, the Day of Persons with Disabilities, ESN UofG initiated the project MappED! and mapped the first building at the Gilmorehill campus of the University of Glasgow. MappED! is a project that provides students with disabilities all the information they need when applying to go to University. Such information includes access to campus buildings like ramps, wheelchair access, accessible elevators, seats, services and more! So far, ESN UofG has mapped 2 buildings, the Fraser Building and the Library, but they are not stopping there! Their aim is to have the most important buildings of the campus mapped by the end of the academic year and create a profile of the University of Glasgow on the MappED! website with additional information such as contact info and accessibility of University Accommodation!

MappED! is a sub-part of ExchangeAbility, an international ESN project, aiming to make ESN more accessible for students with disabilities and help to remove obstacles when participating in exchange programmes. The goal of MappED! project is to provide students with disabilities with the necessary tools to be better informed about their rights, procedures and support services they are entitled to. You can find more information on their website.