ESN UK’s Section of the Month is ESN Leeds

In November, ESN Leeds organized a Sports Day for ESN Social Inclusions Days. 30 members joined them for 2 hours of sports and they managed to collect 30£. They played basketball, badminton and some dodgeball in between. Besides the importance of this event, it was also an opportunity for students to relax before exams and have a really good time! All the profits from the event went to 'Save The Children, Leeds'! Lastly, the event was accessible to everyone as students with disabilities joined and they loved it.

ESN Social Inclusion Days is a two-week initiative that takes place twice a year. It's main aim is to provide opportunities for international students to learn how one can contribute to the improvement of society as European citizens. During the winter edition 2018, the focus was on the importance of the social impact international volunteers have upon the local communities and upon making inclusive events. More information about Social Erasmus project can be found here

Save the Children is a global NGO that helps childern in need around the world. You can find more about their work in their website