As we approach the first semester of the new academic year, thousands of students are preparing to come to the UK to study for the first time. ESN UK, an organisation present in 15 institutions across the UK supporting incoming and outgoing students as they study abroad, are uniquely placed as 'students helping students' to navigate this new experience.  

This year, we have for the first time published a 'Survival Guide' for incoming students - a 50+ page document with information about navigating the UK as an international student, with everything from information about UK culture and history and a selection of popular student cities, to advice on important topics for incoming students like accommodation, healthcare, bank accounts, phone plans, and much more. This document is freely available for all incoming students so that they can make the most of their study abroad experience and spend less time worrying about these issues. 

You can find the full document here or at the 'Survival Guide' tab on our homepage. 

For queries related to the document, please contact