Erasmus Student Network (ESN) UK are always on the lookout for partnerships that improve the experience of mobility exchange in the UK and make each step of the way easier and more affordable. The new collaboration between ESN UK and Movido, a service that helps international students getting settled in their UK home, takes a big step in helping all international students and those on any form of mobility to the UK. 


Even with Brexit and the impact of COVID-19, the United Kingdom remains an attractive study abroad destination. An important part of maintaining the country’s attractiveness and welcoming international students is to make the relocation process as hassle-free as possible. 


The partnership with Movido is an ideal way of offering students more support, even before they arrive in the UK. For this purpose, Movido provides students with “Starter Packs”, which include housing search support, a local SIM card, and everything else students need before they arrive in the UK. On arrival, Movido offers “Settle-in Packs” that allows students to easily sign up for utilities and broadband without having to go through complicated credit checks or being trapped in lengthy contracts.


“I have studied and worked in France, Italy, and the UK. Each time, I ran into the same problems: struggling to find accommodation, not knowing which SIM card to use and not being able to get WiFi without being locked-in for 24 months. Since we all share similar experiences, we at Movido work hard to make moving as easy as possible for students” said Tim Grobshäuser, Movido’s co-founder. 


Iona, President of ESN UK said, “As a former exchange student myself alongside most volunteers in our organisation, a service like Movido would have made the move to our host countries so much easier. This is why we are excited to partner with them and help all those coming to the UK on international exchanges, making their transition to the UK as hassle-free as possible. ”


ESN UK is excited to partner with Movido. After the COVID-19 pandemic, international students need more support and help than ever before, and the partnership with Movido is an added layer to the extensive support system and resources ESN UK has built. 




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About Movido

Movido is a platform that helps students sort out the nitty-gritty of settling in a new country. From finding housing without a guarantor to helping students get from the airport to their new home, Movido’s customized bundles include everything students need before arrival and during their stay abroad. A team of experts is constantly available to answer any questions students might have. Movido thereby partners with the largest universities in France and the UK and is accelerated by Bocconi for Innovation (B4i) and Station F.


About ESN UK


Erasmus Student Network United Kingdom (ESN UK) is a not-for-profit student organisation representing local ESN sections (local associations). Our mission is to foster student mobility in Higher Education, provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN UK aims at working in the interest of students who are spending parts of or their entire formal education at a Higher Education Institution in the UK. We are working on a volunteer basis in 21 Higher Education Institutions in the UK. All the sections of ESN UK together help over 10,000 Erasmus, international exchange, and local students every academic year.