Our ESN section from Southampton shares with you the outcome of their very successful SocialErasmus week back in November: the Erasmus+ Fair, a lovely International Dinner, a food bank, a Movember charity party and lots of love!
ESN celebrated 25 years of Youth Empowering Youth through Mov’in Europe Conference "International Youth Mobility - Beyond the Erasmus+ programme" hosted by MEP Therese Comodini Cachia at the European Parliament on Monday, November 17th.
People are in awe as over 900 excited Erasmus+ students wander freely around Edinburgh for an entire weekend. Read the whole story of this unique and very multi-national experience here.
The annual Networking and Citizen Education Conference - NECE - took place last October in Vienna. ESN UK was represented on Austrian land by Chris Lally, our Education Officer.
Our next section in the spotlight is ESN Bristol. Sophie, the committee's secretary makes a review of the most important events organised by the section lately.
Last month we celebrated the 25th anniversary of ESN as a continuously growing network of students ready to volunteer for the sake of other students. Oana was in Utrecht for the West European Platform and decided to share her experience with us.
Krystyna King, ESN Hertfordshire Events Secretary, has provided us with an insight into the section's goals, incentives and expectations for the year to come. Enjoy!
Chris Lally, ESN UK Education Officer, writes about “Talking Europe” - a New Europeans project developed in six British cities.
Striking a long-lasting friendship with a local British student straight away may prove to be difficult for an Erasmus+ student arriving in the UK. But ESN Southampton seems to hold the key to solve this.
Today is the day ESN celebrates a quarter of a century of success in turning the Erasmus+ experience of many students into an unforgettable time of their lives. Here you have a letter from an Erasmus+ student thanking everyone for their amazing job.